We have worked for and satisfied a vast number of both local and international companies,
organizations and individuals.


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Brandon Ross

“Sent him by Facebook a photo of the papers I needed translated and on time got back the government papers translated and looking professional. I will use again for sure as service was great and the price very fair for the customer. Thanks for your hard work, and suggestions that made it turn out better than I hoped.”

Gabriela Stoia
Managing Director
GS in Asia Travel
Email: info@inasiatravel.com

“I used Siemreap Translation Services for my Company and it was really professional, efficient, reliable, accurate and mostly very fair fees. I suggest their services to anyone who needs any kind of translation. Highly recommended!!!”

Nicole Kramer
Vets Coordinator/Volunteer
World Vets
Email: kosmoshiva@hotmail.com

“The local Khmer vet clinic of Ouk HOk Sy Veterinary and a bunch of dedicated animal loving volunteers have been collaborating with Siemreap Translation Services for a new webpage (still to be launched) on bettering Animal Welfare in Cambodia. I would not hesitate recommending their services to anyone in the future. It’s been a wonderful experience to work side by side with the Khmer on this project. They are the best translation service this town has on offer. As one of the owners initially pointed out to me “It’s not just good enough to speak English, you want good work done , the translator must have some knowledge of the subject and be interested in the theme . Every translation stands and falls with that. I agree. When you want a fabulous translation choose wisely, choose Siemreap Translation Services.”

Julie Cordner
Media Coordinator
Email: media@humanitus.org

“I have had cause to use Kong Pheaktra and the STS team on several different occasions [English to Khmer translations] over my time in Siem Reap, and have been extremely impressed with the speed, efficiency and accuracy of the work supplied – even more so when some of the work has been of a quite specific and technical nature. Highly recommended!”

Jacques Boudon
Craft Production Director
Artisan Angkor
Email: craftproductiondirector@artisansdangkor.com

“Siem Reap Translation Services has been providing my business accurate translations for some months now : from simple documents to legal documents and also more complex business management related documents. The mutual understanding and communication between us are just perfect and permit a meaningful match of our expectations. The service is, overall and in details, fully reliable, precise and provide feedback and advice. They are also available anytime you need them. When it comes to translation, especially in the local language or from the local language, trust is must. With Siem Reap Translation Services we (you) do have a partner you can trust.”

Jessica Whitney RN
Country Director
Safe Haven Medical Outreach
Email: jessw3745@gmail.com

“Great experience, very professional and responsive. We needed a complicated legal document translated in a short time. Communication was excellent, and we got what we needed on time and well done. I will absolutely use them again anytime I need translation.”

Christin Spoolstra
Deputy Country Director
Caring for Cambodia
Email: christinspoolstra@caringforcambodia.org

“Professional, speedy, and accurate. Definitely recommend!”

Lee Hudson
Mondulkiri Project, Cambodia Elephant Rescue Organization
Email: leehudsonhawk@gmail.com

“Very fast, friendly and professional service and a very good price. I will not hesitate to use this translation service again and will recommend this translation service to other people.Thank you Siem Reap Translation Services!”

Laura Lalvée
Europe Coordinator
Angkor Photo Festival & Workshops
Email: laura@angkor-photo.com

“Siem Reap Translation Services was the Translation Partner of the 2016 Angkor Photo Festival & Workshops and it was a real pleasure to work with this team! Very efficient, professional and on time ; their attention to detail and involvement make them very reliable and conscientious. Highly recommended!”

Nicholas Needs
Team Leader
Project Everest – Impact Ventures
Email: workhub-cambodia@projecteverest.venture

“Very professional and friendly service in Siem Reap. They were so quick with translating many documents we needed and i would highly recommend to anyone looking for good quality translations. Thank you!”

Paul Mac Donald
Market Educators
Email: marketeducators@gmail.com

“When I needed a last minute translation the Siem Reap Translation Team helped me out. I was impressed with their professionalism and fast turnaround. I will use them again and would recommend them to anyone who needs a speedy and accurate translation.”

Phala Sat
Procurement Specialist
Fintrac Inc.
Email: sonikafuntoy@gmail.com

“I have used Kong Pheaktra and STS translation services to translate many legal documentation, family record book, ID card, birth certificate….from Khmer to English. I really appreciate their reliable services, save time, and especially the translation are most accuracy…, if you need a quick translation services, STS is just the right place for you…!”

Josimar Ga’lang

“We have used this service many times and Pheaktra and his team have never disappointed. Surely one of the best translation companies in Siem Reap”

Patrick Allen McBride

“I vouch for their professionalism and ability. Helped me with a quick translation I needed of a document for a project I’m working on this summer. Really saved me!”

Lee Fox-Smith
Blogger and Activist
Epic Animal Quest

“We have used the translation services a number of times and are always very happy with the work! Thank you!”

Ramiro Reyes

“Professional translation + good communication + good service, all in one, highly recommended.!!”